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 You're going to be okay.  Breathe and remember that you've been in this place before.  You've been  this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you've survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can't break you.  They're painful and debilitating, but you can sit   with them and eventually, they will… Continue reading Breathe

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​Decide fast. 

The universe needs instructions from you so it can create what you want.  Every day you wait is a day the universe could have used to help you. Deciding slowly will take longer to be created.  Just like a chef at a restaurant needs to know your order before he can start cooking your meal. … Continue reading ​Decide fast. 

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​Speak and express

  Think of how many people have sat  next to you on a bus, train, whatever.  Now think how many people have sat  next to you on purpose with their fingers crossed in hope that you'II talk to them.  I'm sure somebody has.  There's plenty of times when somebody's seen you and hoped that you… Continue reading ​Speak and express

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​Want to give up? 

It's easy to give up when things just seam to be getting more and more difficult as you go.  It is a good sign that things are getting difficult because that means you are close to success.  Just like giving birth to a baby, it gets more and more painful. The mother doesn't give up… Continue reading ​Want to give up? 

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​Go “window” shopping

Go shopping for anything you can dream of to let the universe know what you want.  You may not be able to purchase these things yet but the more you see and touch them, the sooner you will attract them into your life.  Your brain doesn't know that it isn't your yet, it just knows… Continue reading ​Go “window” shopping

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​Create steps

If there is a goal you are trying to achieve, it may seam unbelievable so you give up before you start.  If you break things down into steps of the smallest tasks, it becomes believable and you slowly start gaining momentum.  You only need to plan 3 steps ahead to keep it simple enough that… Continue reading ​Create steps

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​Look around you and look inside you.   How many People do you think are settling?  I will tell you : a hell of a lot of people. People are settling  every day  into okay Relationships and okay Jobs  and an okay life. And do you know  why?  Because okay is comfortable. Okay pays the… Continue reading Okay