Make a choice

Before you plant a vegetable garden you must first choose the seeds you plant. Once the seed is in the dirt, there is no changing your mind. 

If you were to change your mind after planting the seed in the dirt you would have to dig up the original seed and replace it with the new choice seed. 

By doing this, the quality and maturity of the plant would be compromised and if done too late in the planting season, may not grow at all. 

Since creation is a growth process, timing is everything. Choose what you want to plant as your new world, stop changing your mind and love that seed as it grows and fully develops over time. 

Plant the seed of your new reality, stick with it and love it as it grows.

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  1. annmaria says:

    Well said 👌

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  2. This reminds me of a motivational speech (I can’t remember who) that compared culture to agriculture – we grow according to what we are surrounded with. After planting our choice seeds, we must then nurture them. Loved this!

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