Is there someone in your life that’s making your life hell? Can you relate to what they are saying? Do the words reflect you or your past?

This could be a reflection of blocked feelings inside of you that, through them, your feelings are surfacing for you to deal with. 

Use this as a tool to learn what needs fixing or changing in your belief system. 

Take it in and with forgiveness, let go of any belief, thought, feelings or action that doesn’t match the new you. 

Use this reflection as a huge opportunity to see the problem and choose to change it. 

Recreate who you are and let go of the old you.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. ivors20 says:

    No need to let go of the old me, I think I’m already old enough, however, I do like your idea of recognising those internal blocked up feelings, and taking action and moving on past those feelings, with a new attitude…..

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  2. motgpr2014 says:

    Love this. Well ssid

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  3. kpaol says:

    So well put! It was so insightful when I learned things bugging me had to do with my own issues…love your posts 😀

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